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Dr Stella Richardson
Chartered clinical psychologist and accredited psychotherapist

About me

With over a quarter of a century's experience as a clinical psychologist specialising in working-age adult mental health,  you can be assured I am a safe pair of hands.  


I am accredited in two evidence-based therapies - cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)  and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).   I have also trained in other therapies including schema therapy, compassion focused therapy and acceptance commitment therapy. 


I am adept at tailoring  a therapy that is as unique as you are. 

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How therapy works

I listen to you carefully and respectfully. Between us, we piece things together and develop a shared understanding of the issues. We agree what a positive change would look like and I coach you in how to get there.     


I believe your therapy should leave you with insights and strategies that will continue to benefit you long after your therapy has finished. Therapy is an amazing vehicle for deepening your connection to your purpose and meaning. I find it a privilege to share the journey with you.   

My therapeutic approach

I have a compassionate, non-judgemental approach - one that comes from an understanding that we all suffer and we all struggle at times.  My therapies are "trauma-informed".  This means that my mindset is not about "What is wrong with you?" but rather about "What happened to you?". 


Trauma comes in many forms. I can help you to process and heal from "big" traumas that are easy to recognise.  Often it is more subtle social traumas - those that are rooted in our relationships with others - that take their toll on mental health.  I interweave evidence-based therapy approaches to give you the best opportunity to heal.  

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How therapy works
My approach
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HATTIE ROGERS, B.Sc. RMN. Community Mental Health Nurse (retired) 

I worked with Stella for over 12 years in a Community Mental Health Team.   She is a consistently professional, diligent, compassionate, knowledgeable  and well-respected psychologist, therapist and supervisor.  Stella is an excellent communicator with a thorough, person centred approach to therapy.  I can't speak highly enough about her and I  highly recommend her."

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Stella was the fourth therapist I had seen and I wish I'd met her sooner.  I found the sessions much more helpful than the pure CBT I had before.  I think that was because she was flexible and listened and seemed to really understand.   She was patient and empathic and the sessions have left me feeling so much better than I have for a long time.

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I have found Stella by far the most beneficial treatment for my mental health issues that I have accessed. Stella put me at ease straight away as she was so easy to talk to and I felt confident that I was in safe hands...I started seeing improvements in my mood, family relationships, my confidence and much more within just a few sessions.  Excellent communication        and worth every penny to feel better again, would highly recommend her.

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